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As far as I can remember, I know that I have travelled a lot, and I still feel the same butterflies in my stomach, thinking about the next trip, as I did many years ago. I love even those buzz and the rumour, these odd buildings and objects, the smells of the sea, the rivers, the forests, the mountains, the cities, the restaurants, the roads .... I did not choose to work in tourism; it was simply tourism that found me. The experience to share, to show, to take care…Let me present you the beauties of my country Bosnia and Herzegovina, its rich history and tangible heritage from prehistory up to today, from different landscapes, created by the Mediterranean and Continental climate an soil, the blue Adriatic sea, wild rivers Neretva, Una and others, green forests, high mountains, and their snow covered picks, traditions and customs, the unique cuisine, good wine and above all the hospitality and warmth of my people.

Let me create your own unforgettable journey, vacation or adventure, fitting your wishes and needs, visiting cultural-historical monuments of the entire region, walking, hiking, rafting or other recreational activities on land and in water. Spend a peaceful night in homes of your choice. Do not lose your precious time, with walking around the city at 40 C, looking for streets and buildings that are difficult to read or to spell, stories of them which are not even written down, about legends, love and death, let me organize your vacation the way you dreamed and finally paid for.

Apart from adventure, recreation I would like to present you my medical and health care program. Today’s way of life imposes us to think of our priorities in a different way, to work harder and long under everyday different pressure, to be the best in whatever we do, to look the best however we feel . On this thorny road we often forget about us, our needs and primary our health.

We offer you to fully take care of you, from your arrival on ground, to your medical needs and treatments in dental, corrective or plastic surgery in the best private clinic you choose with awarded medical specialists, accommodation in quiet and faraway homes surrounded with gardens, flowers and swimming pool, and arrange daytrips for your inner peace and soul.

Sincerely yours,

Kim Travel – your personal travel Agent
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Our Testimonials

Claudia Groove

I spend great time on Herzegovina Safari Tour. Great Hosts and Guides.

Lana Marić

Rafting on the river Neretva is something that I will remeber whole my life.

Ljilja Mostar

I am a person who like to try new meals and tastes. Ljilja.

Katie Robertson

Wine Tour is great experience for me. I've learn great deal about local wines.

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