Muslim friendly Tourism

Bosnia and Herzegovina is not only a Moslem friendly country, but almost half of the population are Moslems. A less known fact and even mentioned is, that Islam came on a peaceful way already in the 8th century to this region by travellers.
Mostly it known as being more present in the 15th century within the Ottoman period. The occupation by the Ottoman was indeed by force, but the religion was spread peacefully and with no force, mainly accepted as such from the Slavic people and the existing Islamic community.

From that time on, being between East and West, struggling through empires and wars Bosnia and their Moslem people used to survive, protect and treasure their religion, still being a part of the European people or Europe.

Multicultural Country

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a multicultural country, where, catholic and orthodox are living side by side, sharing their homes, street, shops, their daily life together. Neighbours, respecting each other knowing each other’s, habits and way of living.

Still there are some, which do not know much about Islam and do have certain fears or prejudices, but in general all friendly towards Moslem Tourists.

To make your stay as comfortable as possible, respecting your needs, the Agency will provide you MUSLIM FRIENDLY tourism within your stay, your accommodation, food in halal restaurants, spiritual needs (undisturbed prayer, opened mosques) and all-around wellbeing.

Hear are on statement od, where she listed Bosnian and Herzegovina as one of the 7 destination perfect for Halal holiday in Europe.

Visit us and make your own statement and experience.

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