We all have our doubt or questions about the human ancestry or origin. Many great philosophers, archaeologists, professor have asked the same question, who are we and how did we originate. We invite you to follow us to get maybe even some answer to that question, follow us to the cave of Vjetrenica. One does not have to be a speleologist to discover what already is discovered. You will have the opportunity to walk many kilometres into the earth, to witness wonders of this 10000 years old cave with its many stalactites, flowstone, draperies, cascades and others forms, great lake 180 meters long, several small waterfalls and creeks. With its subterranean biodiversity with more than 200 different animal species, who completely adapted to life in eternal darkness, including the Human fish, makes it one unique and special. Amongst the many archaeological discoveries are as well the ancient cave bears and leopards, cave drawings that are estimated to be thousands of years old.

Tens of thousands years ago caves are used as homes, living spaces and even today praying spaces. The Serbian Orthodox monastery Zavala, next to the Vjetrenica cave, build in the 16th century, dedicated to the Presentation of Mary, with its North part of the monastery embossed in a cave, which together with its bowed bows, steeple, rectangular basis, makes it a miracle of architecture closing the chapter of the mystery of caves.

Only 100m from the cave is a beautiful restaurant in adapted train station, where you will be able to taste a delicious dinner of traditional specialties, while observing the beautiful karst of Popovo Polje. All ingredients are organic and locally sourced.

  • Tour time: all day trip
  • Tour Schedule: Every day 9am
  • Included: local guide, transport
  • Persons: min 2pax
  • Exploring the Cave
  • Lunch at Restaurant

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