Many of you may or may not heard about the small town of Stolac. As small, as it seems to be, as rich and great is his history and past. One could start with 300 bc, through the people of the “silent sleepers” to the Ottoman period and today.
Stolac is located in the area known as Herzegovina Humina, on the tourist route crossing Herzegovina linking the mountainous hinterland in Bosnia with the coastal regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dubrovnik and Montenegro. Thanks to its natural conditions - geological composition, contours, climate, hydrographic and vegetation - Stolac and its environs have been since ancient times. Its rich hunting-grounds and other natural benefits attracted prehistoric man, and later the Illyrians, Romans and Slavs, all of whom left behind them a wealth of evidence of their material culture.

The Radimlja necropolis is almost unique in Europe but often to find in Bosnia, tombstones, or the “silent sleepers”, witnessing a fascinating and still unexplored area and time. In total there are 133 of them. The majority of the tombstones are tall chests with pedestal decorated with ornaments include curved lines with trefoil, plastic zigzag, radial circle, rosette, depiction of plastic circles, cluster, rod shaped as letter T, spiral curves and the famous weaving hand welcoming you as well as wishing you a safe trip to your home.
Seeking for a better life and astonished with the beauty of the nature, nearby hills and mountains as well as the Adriatic see Illyrian tribes called Daorsi settled in 300 bc. Stone by stone brick by brick they built a solid fort similar to those in Mycenae Greek houses, religious building. Although there are only left counters of the fort, houses and tools, helmets and coins , by closing your eyes one can hear the murmurs of the villagers, the clatter of soldiers swords, hacking of horses. Daorson is not only a historically important place, or of archeologically importance, it will lead through time and space of our common history.

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